Thats the way a bee bumbles

I just got a roll of fuji color film developed here at Old School Photo Lab, these guys did such a great job. I have never had a roll of fuji color film come back from a developer and been pleased until this day. So if you like shooting color film, but hate the way labs in your area process the images give these guys a try you won’t be sorry.


The Golden Girls

Recently we went through the difficult decision of getting my mom into an assisted living facility. Now that she is in her new digs I realize this was the best thing we could have done for her. So if and when you folks come face to face with a life decision like this, let me say “it’s not a bad thing so don’t make it be a difficult decision”. Here are a few shots of My mom and her cronies sitting in the dining room last night waiting to put the feed bag on. My mom looks very happy and her neighbor Edith is a real spitfire.