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Robin Williams

Robin Williams

Robin Williams was funny and he will be remembered primarily for that very reason. But Robin William’s was much more than a funny guy. His comedy was frenetic and you could see times that he could barely control it. One night on Carson comes to mind for me on this point. Johnny was not able to reign him in and so he just sat back and let the master run free. It was a comedic moment of beauty.

That kind of talent does not come free, there is a cost of some sort and with a mind as quick as his there had to be some very dark clouds nearby.

As much as he is revered for his comedic roles, Mrs. Doubtfire comes to mind. You must never discount what an excellent dramatic actor he was. Some of the best dialogue I have ever heard in a movie was a scene of his in Good Morning Viet Nam. In the scene he does the entire dialog simply with his eyes. He does not utter a single word. If you have seen this movie and do not know what I am talking about, you had better check for a pulse because I fear you are dead. Or who can forget his scenes with Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting? This man had serious dramatic skills.

He touched generations, he made us laugh, he made us teary and he will be missed. May you finally be at peace with yourself Robin, thank you for all you gave us.